EXKAL. born in April 2005, combining the ideas of a select group of professional experts, with the intention of influencing the Food Trade sector, promoting change and innovation, and with the will to lead it technologically.

In April 2005 we started in Pamplona in a place of 1200m2.

In May 2006, we began production in a new building, of 10,000m2, on the land acquired and located in Marcilla.

After a first period of tests, pre-series and training, in July 2006 the commercialization of the new developed family began.

The fulfillment of the high expectations regarding Reduction of Life Cycle Cost in the first implementations, led us to an excellent acceptance of the product by the first user customers to such a point that before completing one year from the beginning of the commercialization necessary an extension of the factory.

In August 2007, the construction of an extension of 15,000m2 began to complement the production area that was available from the beginning of 2008.

To the factory endowments of Marcilla are added since mid-2009 new regional facilities aimed at better customer service. Fruit of it are the Delegations with Warehouses of Catalonia, Levante and Andalusia.

And we started the internationalization of our products. We started to manufacture them in Mexico in March 2009 and in China in June 2009. In 2013 EXKAL France and EXKAL Colombia were born, in 2014 EXKAL Emirates and this last year EXKAL Belgium.

2016 and 2017 represented the total implantation 4.0 to become a 4.0 factory, able to provide the market with 4.0 products.

During 2019 and 2020 we carried out a factory expansion to double size our central factory in Marcilla.

Our growth objectives have allowed us to create EXKAL Germany in 2020 and EXKAL Portugal in 2021.

At EXKAL, we believe in innovation. In these few years we have completed 4 Technological Innovation projects, for one of which we received the EUREKA seal and we are currently working on three new innovative projects, all of them in collaboration with important Companies, with Technology Centers and with prestigious Universities. One of them in collaboration with a Chinese company, CHINEKA project and another with Technological Centers and European Companies, EUROSTARS project.