The Ribera Talent fair offers more than eighty Jobs

We participated in Ribera Talent fair, at CIP ETI Tudela, an event promoted by the Tudela City Council and with the participation of 24 companies and entities. Entrepreneurship and opportunities through the new generations are the engine of the future.

Exkal at Euroshop 2023

Recently, between February 26 and March 2, the Euroshop 2023 Fair has taken place in the city of Düsseldorf, Germany. Exkal did not want to miss a new edition of this great event, which is held every three years, in which the main players in the refrigeration, exhibition and food preservation sector meet.

We have been able there to share with the hundreds of people who have come to meet us or chat about the latest advances in our families of products, as well as the innovative solutions that are being worked on in the sector and which are already showing the future of our market. Our stand has had 33 exhibited cabinets, which are just a sample of our capacity to provide solutions to all the needs of our customers.

Like every edition when it comes to an end, we say goodbye with great satisfaction for the work done and the contacts generated, and with great desire to face the next one.

Here you have a video summary of the fair:

The President of the Government of Navarra visits Exkal

The President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, has inaugurated our Business R&D Unit and the Exkal Dual Vocational Training School. These are two projects launched by Exkal in collaboration with the Government of Navarra and which have the objective of improving the competitiveness of companies and increasing the quality of employment.

Chivite has been accompanied during her visit by our general director,  Alfonso Antoñanzas, and our managing director, Daniel Antoñanzas. She thanked our company for “its commitment to territorial cohesion and the development of Navarra” in setting up its training center since, according to the President, training designed under the parameters demanded by the labor market “is the main lever for reducing the inequality gap.

The President was accompanied by the Ministers of Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo Amezaga, and of the University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, as well as the Managing Director of the Navarra Employment Service, Miriam Martón.


EXKAL, as a leading supplier in the commercial refrigeration sector, is looking to solve the problem of food waste in supermarkets. In collaboration with GFT we will present an innovative solution at this year’s IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC). Minimising food waste is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda, to be held at the Fira Barcelona from May 10 to 12.

The solution we will present, supported by the main leading technologies on the market, uses artificial intelligence to determine the product located on the shelf and through Machine Learning algorithms provide a price in real time. This taking into account its condition, expiry date and remaining quantity. This price is processed using the power of the Google Cloud platform allowing instantaneous adjustments.

This way, it will be possible to respond to the issues of adjusting the price of a product in a changing environment. This dynamism will allow supermarkets, in addition to reducing the level of food waste, to respond in real time to factors such as cuts in the supply chain or price escalation due to external conditions.

You can find us at Stand TB10 – Testbeds Area – Hall 4.

Here we leave you an explanatory video of the initiative.

CYTEF 2022 : Ibero-American Congress on Cold Science and Technology

The CYTEF 2022 Congress focused on synergistic technologies to advance in the sustainability of refrigeration (reduction of energy consumption and minimisation of environmental impact). They analysed the possibilities of optimising cooling applications, both for air conditioning and for the agri-food industry and the process industry. They exposed the potential of new cold production systems, such as heat pumps, which can achieve energy savings of up to 60%.

Daniel Antoñanzas (CEO EXKAL) participated in the event through the presentation “Commercial refrigeration and sustainable development” where he explained how the refrigeration sector can positively influence the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In addition, around 200 researchers from the different research groups of Spanish universities and various R&D centres from Portugal, Spain and different Latin American countries attended the event. They showed the latest technological and scientific advances.

Finally, cryogenics and cascade cold production techniques, with temperatures below sixty degrees below zero, which have proven essential this year for the preservation of vaccines and food, are some of the topics that have also been addressed.

Source : Europapress

Long-term vision of family businesses

“There are two types of companies: those that change and those that die”. That was the topic of the Tudela Capital event attended by Daniel Antoñanzas, CEO of EXKAL. They discussed about the challenge of facing the taking over R&D&I, as well as the few companies that manage to keep their business afloat after the first and second generations. Innovation is extremely important. The people who contribute to it and the competitive differentials with the greatest potential are essential for the business running smoothly. For Daniel Antoñanzas, change means: “continuous, transversal, disruptive and accelerated”. He also adds that: “Competitive differentials will make us sustainable for the fifth generation to be viable”.

Indeed, family businesses face a double challenge: to ensure their survival and relevance over time without giving up the founding spirit of the organisation. We live in a changing world, in which creativity must be one of the priorities when generating disruptive products and services. The employees are the main stakeholder, they are the ones who make the company valuable.

Thanks to all these elements EXKAL manages to be an entrepreneurial company, open to change, adaptive and with a high desire to improve without losing the main essence of the family business.

fundacion luzia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Week

The LuzIA Foundation is an example of public-private collaboration whose objective is for Navarran society to achieve a degree of knowledge, development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystems equivalent to those achieved with renewable energies. Exkal has been part of its start-up since its inception, as part of its commitment to innovation and technological development.

The Minister of Education of the Government of Navarre, Carlos Gimeno, attended this Monday the presentation of the Artificial Intelligence Week, organized by the LuzIA Foundation and which the Liceo Monjardín center, in Pamplona, ​​hosts from today until the next 28 from January. This initiative will also be developed at the Zizur secondary school as well as at the El Molino and Torre Monreal special education centers (CEE), the latter in Tudela, in the first quarter of the year. Its promoters also hope that this experience will reach a dozen centers distributed throughout the Autonomous Community in the second quarter, and “as many as possible”, already from October.

Among other activities, this program includes an exhibition, training sessions of a technical, practical, ethical and programming nature, informative talks for parents, as well as training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for trainers. The contents will be taught by industrial engineering students and workers from the companies that are part of LuzIA Foundation (Helphone, iAR, ARPA Abogados Consultores, EXKAL, das-Nano and veri-das).

We will continue to tell you about progress in this area of ​​growth and importance for us, and for the innovation ecosystem in Navarre.

Salesian students Open Day

Last Tuesday the Open Doors Day took place with more than 40 Salesian students from the 2nd Superior Degree in Automation and Industrial Robotics and the 2nd Superior Degree in Electrical Maintenance.

The visit has focused on showing those areas whose activities have a direct relationship with their training cycles, of which the showroom and laboratories stand out; the areas of folding and welding; the CE labeling, AGV, PIVATIC and elbow welding cell areas, among others.

During the day they have had the help of several EXKAL specialists, with whom they have shared knowledge and experienced the direct connection between their training and their professional future.

It is a pleasure for us to get in touch with the generations that will be the workers of the future.